About SFU Burnaby 2065


SFU Campus Planning & Development recently created a new Campus Master Plan for the SFU Burnaby campus. This was a major undertaking, marking a significant milestone in the university’s evolution.

The SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan is a comprehensive plan, providing a vision and flexible planning and decision-making framework to guide the evolution of the campus over the next 50 years.  As a physical manifestation of the university’s strategic priorities, the Plan supports SFU’s goals of creating a sustainable, world class academic and community experience. The Plan looks beyond incremental growth to take a major leap ahead, considering broad patterns of development such as building forms and connections, transportation networks, and open space and natural systems and opportunities to organize and unify the campus over time.



The SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan planning process was managed by SFU Campus Planning & Development and led by Urban Strategies Inc., one of North America’s leading campus planning consultants. Urban Strategies worked closely with PFS Studio, a Vancouver-based planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm with similar campus design experience. The Plan has now been adopted by SFU’s Board of Governors as “the guiding document for future development on the Burnaby Campus”.  SFU’s executives are now working with Campus Planning and Development to integrate the Campus Master Plan into all of the University’s planning and development processes.



Named after explorer Simon Fraser, SFU opened on September 9, 1965. Taking only 30 months to grow from the idea stage into an almost-completed campus with 2,500 students it was dubbed the “Instant University”. Now more than 50 years later the campus is home to over 30,000 students, 950 faculty and approximately 4,000 staff, as well as UniverCity residents and businesses. The time to make this campus great for the next 50 years is now, and we need a comprehensive plan to guide us!

The Master Plan for SFU’S Burnaby campus provides a flexible physical planning and decision-making framework that will guide the ongoing development of the physical campus over the next five decades. The master planning process analyzed and explored strategic opportunities for growth, identified needs for new and improved spaces, and worked to organize and unify the campus to ensure a magnetic and remarkable setting to support not only the SFU’s academic experience, but the overall experience and quality of campus life. More specifically, the plan works to:

  • Identify, create and reinvigorate physical attributes and campus amenities
  • Use the magnetic principles of place-making to attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff
  • Help us to understand the physical characteristics, forms, structures, and functions that can continue to make our buildings and the spaces that tie them together into a great campus
  • Identify and enhance landscaped open spaces, both natural and designed, that distinguish the unique character of the campus environment
  • Determine how to best use and develop the lands and facilities on Burnaby Mountain
  • Meet the needs of the future demographics, and respond to changing trends over time


When and How

The SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan was developed over a six-phase planning process, initiated in early 2018 and completed in early 2020. The planning process involved multi-faceted engagement opportunities with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders, which directly influenced the development of the Campus Master Plan.

This project website was created to support the planning process, and is being maintained while SFU now initiates implementation of the plan.