1. What is the SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan project?

SFU Campus Planning & Development has launched a process to develop an SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan, a comprehensive plan that will provide a new vision and planning framework to guide the physical development of the Burnaby Campus over the next 50 years.

This planning process is a major undertaking and marks a significant milestone in the University’s evolution and growth. The Plan will support SFU’s goals of creating a sustainable, world-class academic and community experience through a more connected and vibrant campus on Burnaby Mountain.

2. What is a campus master plan?

A campus master plan sets the long-term vision, parameters, policies and directions for the physical development of a campus – its buildings, landscapes and public spaces, movement systems and general infrastructure.

These guidelines ensure that new building development and expansion fits within the overall plan and makes best use of limited land resources, fits within the plans for supporting infrastructure, meets the functional needs of the University and respects the campus’s architectural heritage.

3. Why is SFU developing a new campus master plan?

Since SFU’s iconic Burnaby Campus was first built over 50 years ago, it has grown dramatically and now needs a new vision to guide its physical development over the next 50 years.

4. What will the plan consider?

The Plan will consider the growth of the campus, broad patterns of development and opportunities to organize and tie together the campus over time to ensure a magnetic and remarkable setting to support not only SFU’s academic experience, but the overall experience and quality of campus life. Specifically, it will consider:

  • how the campus connects to the communities and neighbourhoods that surround the University, the transportation systems and infrastructure (for example, water and electrical) that serve the campus, how to enhance the landscape and open spaces that distinguish the unique character of the campus, and how new buildings are designed and where they should go
  • how the campus community gets to and travels around the campus, and how to minimize the barriers to accessibility
  • how the community interacts on Burnaby Campus and how to attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and staff by improving the physical campus and its amenities to make it a more magnetic place
  • how to best use and develop the lands and facilities on Burnaby Mountain to meet the needs of a growing campus community
  • how to create spaces that support the actions in SFU’s Walk This Path With Us report

The new SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan will be a ‘living document’ designed to be flexible to meet the needs of future demographics and respond to changing priorities and opportunities as they emerge. It will inform priorities of the Five-Year Capital Plan and form the basis of an update to the SFU Official Community Plan, as required by the City of Burnaby.

5. What does the planning process involve?

Planning started in early 2018 and has followed a six-phase process leading up to the completion of the new SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan, targeted for the end of 2019.

Feedback from students, faculty and staff, as well as from key stakeholders and partners, will continue to be central to the development of the new Campus Master Plan. As the process is nearly complete, the team is currently working towards a final open house event on November 13, 2019, where the community will be able to review the planning work and contribute ideas to help shape the evolution of the Burnaby Campus. This project website and SFU’s social media channels will be regularly updated to keep you informed on progress and how to stay involved.

See the planning process section for more information on what’s involved in each phase, and the engage section to learn more about the November 13, 2019 Open House.

6. Who is leading the SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan process?

The planning process is being managed by SFU Campus Planning & Development and led by Urban Strategies Inc., one of North America’s leading campus planning consultants.